April 2021

This month's theme is about finding purpose in our lives.


February 2021

This month's topic is about stress and other negative feelings

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November 2020

This month's edition is based on the important topic of bullying.

Women Holding Hands

August 2020

This month we explore belief and understand what really holds us back.

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May 2020

This months theme is a hard topic, but addressing it is paramount.


March 2020


E-learning may seem daunting but here are some tips to be on top of the game.

Girl with Teacher

December 2019

For parents -Teaching kids on how to reject body shaming.


March 2021

This month's topic is about Self Harm.


January 2021

This month we talk about finding happiness.

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October 2020

Mental health for all.

All Hands In

July 2020

Diversity and inclusion

"Strength lies in differences and not in similarities"

Digital Mind

Mental Health in Teens

Some tips to feel a better you

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

For Parents

How to support emotional well-

being in children?

Digital social media

November 2019

The debate on the pros and cons of social media is never ending.


Self Expression - Children's Mental Health Week

In this, we talk about self expression.


December 2020

This month's topic is about body positivity and self love.

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September 2020

This month we explore belief and understand what really holds us back.

Old Study

June 2020

Here are a few tips to cope with school stress and keeping that smile on your face

Emoji Balloons

April 2020

Here are some tips so that a smile is never off your face.After all happiness is always a choice . 

Kids Blowing Bubbles

January 2020


How to make your outlook on life more positive.

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October 2019

October is the month for self harm awareness.Here's our contribution to the cause.

Happy Girl Jumping

June 2019

Happiness is in your grasp , all you need to do is to feel it wholeheartedly.

August 2019

Prevention of substance abuse over teenage years.

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle

For parents

How to build confident teens.

Rock Balancing

July 2019

Body positivity is self-love.

Support Group

School poster

Break the stigma.

There's nothing to be afraid.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mathew

Having good mental health is key to the healthy development and well-being of every child. Children need good mental health - not only to be able to deal with challenges and adapt to change, but so they can feel good about themselves, build healthy relationships with others and enjoy life.

Aaryan Sinha

What reading is to the mind and exercise is to the body,a good mental health is for good society.As part of a wonderful group of people,we take it in our strides to serve the community better and to accomplish our ultimate goal of eradicating social and mental stigma.As the president, it gives me immense pressure to see the team blossom and to see our work reflect positivity around us.

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Nandini Gupta

Mental health is a crucial part of our lives and having a positive mental health is a necessary factor to achieve happiness in life. It is thus my aim to spread awareness about mental health in the school community to eradicate the stigma around mental health illnesses and I wish to create a positive environment for all.

Serah Prakkat

Serah Prakkat is currently a sophomore with an avid interest in human behavior and technology and intends to double major in Psychology and HCDE. She is also the Head of Operations, UAE for MHEA.

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