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A campaign to raise awareness on how social media affects mental health was conducted for grades 8, 9 and 10. Excessive usage of social media can negatively affect teen mental health. Classroom sessions led by members of the health and mind club under the guidance of the counseling department were conducted on 8th October. The session equipped the students to identify at risk behavior and learn alternative ways to improve their presence on social media.

Awareness On Substance Abuse (October)

Classroom sessions for grades 8,9 and 10 boys led by members of Health and Mind club under the guidance of the counseling department were conducted on 7th and 8th October. The main goal of the campaign was to break the stigma associated with addiction, and to substitute it with knowledge and openness. By understanding the triggering factors and impact of drugs, students learnt how to protect themselves when exposed to addictive substances. By discussing this sensitive topic in classes, we aimed to help students identify the risk factors associated with substance abuse.

Happiness Hour For Ancillary Staff   (October)

Students of Health and Mind club spread messages of wellbeing and positivity not only to students and teachers but also amongst the ancillary staff .In order to give a break to the helpers of the school from their normal routine, a musical session was arranged in the break time. The importance of mental health and steps towards achieving a state of positive well being was explained to them by students. Wearing green ribbons, the staff were receptive to the message shared by the club members.

Assembly Talks  (September)

Students of Health and Mind club conducted awareness talks for students of grades 9 to 12. The aim of these sessions was to make students aware of the importance of good mental hygiene. Mental health is a way of describing social and emotional wellbeing. Teens need good mental health to develop in a healthy way, build strong relationships, adapt to change and deal with life’s challenges. The sessions empowered our students to know various ways to deal with the stresses of their student life.

Session with Serah Prakkat, MHEA Workshop (September)

Serah Prakkat, Head of operations UAE, MHEA came to school for a work shop and addressed the H&M club members. The students got a chance to talk about and ask questions on MHEA on a college level scale of operation and how the students themselves could contribute after school also.

Nukkad Natak  (January)

Students of grades 9 to 12 performed a Nukkad Natak on 24 January 2019
highlighting the need to remove the stigma around mental illness. Through this play, students highlighted the need to talk openly about mental health and wellness, learn ways to support friends or family members if they have a mental health concern. The Nukkad Natak is a step towards creating awareness and educating other students and peers about the importance of mental health.

Amaranthine- Living the Journey

The Health and Mind club of DPS Sharjah was pleased to conduct a webinar on 3 rd October 2020 for the 10th-grade students on “Coping with exam stress” as they begin their preparations en route to attempting their maiden board exam. A very keen audience listened on as various important topics such as time management, physical and mental well being, tips on effective studying, managing stress and test anxiety
which were elaborated upon.

Eudaimonia-Pursue Well Being

On 26th September 2020, an online webinar was conducted for the girls of grade 10 through zoom. With exams fast approaching teachers have been trying to make online teaching not just enjoyable but also acceptable. Yet the growing dilemma regarding ‘How can I deal with all this anxiety?’ was not swept away. Hence the H & M club took the initiative to help their peers.Various informative topics were discussed such as the need for mental well-being, how to deal with stress, some thoughtful and personalized academic tips followed by; time management -how can it be achieved? The session concluded with a student driven Q&A Session.

Health & Mind Club Fitness Challenge

As Wellbeing Club of the school, our endeavour is to stress on the importance of Physical and Mental. Wellness which can be attained by listening to and taking care of our body for optimal health and functioning.
Students of the club shared their personal tips during the 7-week challenge. Information was shared through posters, presentations and videos.


Webinar on managing extracurricular
and academics

Trying to balance extracurricular and academics together puts undue pressure in students so this session was planned to give an overview on how to handle these aspects of school life. Students spoke about the practices that worked for them and how they created schedules to manage all the activities they were pursuing. We hope this webinar has helped grade 11 students to have an overview of how the senior years should be planned in a healthy and balanced manner and thereby ensuring a positive state of wellbeing. The speakers also answered the queries raised by the participants.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mathew

Having good mental health is key to the healthy development and well-being of every child. Children need good mental health - not only to be able to deal with challenges and adapt to change, but so they can feel good about themselves, build healthy relationships with others and enjoy life.

Aaryan Sinha

What reading is to the mind and exercise is to the body,a good mental health is for good society.As part of a wonderful group of people,we take it in our strides to serve the community better and to accomplish our ultimate goal of eradicating social and mental stigma.As the president, it gives me immense pressure to see the team blossom and to see our work reflect positivity around us.

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Nandini Gupta

Mental health is a crucial part of our lives and having a positive mental health is a necessary factor to achieve happiness in life. It is thus my aim to spread awareness about mental health in the school community to eradicate the stigma around mental health illnesses and I wish to create a positive environment for all.

Serah Prakkat

Serah Prakkat is currently a sophomore with an avid interest in human behavior and technology and intends to double major in Psychology and HCDE. She is also the Head of Operations, UAE for MHEA.

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